The RUH Youth Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that we are embarking on our first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will aid in funding to provide low cost personal sports training for youth nationwide.

Early child development is critical to creating world class athletes, and parents are finding the need to be more competitive to win athletic scholarships. With this growing demand for training and competition, parents are paying thousands of dollars to obtain personal training, but waiting until their children are later in age or whenever they can afford the exorbitant costs.

We plan to combat these ultra high costs by designing a personal training application wherein parents can access training seminars for children to develop and ingrain the muscle memory and motor skills at a very young age of toddler to 12 months. The courses will also have training sessions for ages ranging all the way up to elite complex training for boys and girls up to 18 years old. Athletes and families will have the ability to upload videos of their child or themselves using blockchain technology to ensure security. Feedback will be given by our trainers at our site, as they review videos and monitor progress to ensure each child has goals pre-set and attained at each age of advancement. This will be a monthly subscription based service. We shall also provide in-house training directly to athletes and offer day-care and summer camps. We seek to expand our site locations to all major cities in the USA (starting with Houston, Texas); expansion will be demand based -- once we have an adequate customer database of online subscribers, those cities will be given priority for brick and mortar sites.

More info can be found in our project here: coming soon.

Or viewing our Whitepaper here: coming soon.